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Our Philosophy
Make good design accessible.
Adapting international design to Indian functionality.
Any home revolves inherently around the lifestyle that surrounds it. Our lives are essentially defined by India’s environmental factors, weather, hygiene practices, cuisine and culture. Now, imagine a home that was crafted in accordance with each of these factors, with an attention to detail that made every room an intuitive living experience. That’s where we come in.
Our Process
customers needs
We begin with a thorough study into each customer's specific requirements, preferences and lifestyle.
We go onto include the customer in every step of the designing process, so that the end-result is a combined effort.
Every modular home is then a unique experience, tailor-made to suit each customer requirement perfectly and stand out from the rest.
Customer First Design
The relationship between a home and the individual that resides within it is an intimate and synergized one. It's no wonder that the designing of a customer's home, thus, should begin with the customer. We take great care to craft homes that deeply incorporate each customer's personal routines, tastes and distinctive characteristics to create a home that feels uniquely yours, and as unique as you are.
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Over two decades of expertise
CC India is the company that pioneered the concept of branded modularity from Italy in India. Starting with modular kitchens almost two decades back with brand Veneta Cucine, CC India today offers concepts, products and services for kitchens, living rooms, floorings and hotel interiors.
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11 boutiques. 25,000 homes.
The success of CC India can largely be attributed to the comprehensive service that spans from understanding the requirement of the client, translating it to a design, installation by a skilled and experienced team and providing excellent after sales support and service — all in house and professionally managed.
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Think you'd fit in at work?
If you feel you can bring to our table, counter or closet some serious commitment, do let us know! Contact us at
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CC India Advantage
The sum of great expectations
Opening India’s first Italian modular designer kitchen showroom was a calculated risk. One we believed in since it we found it important that people would touch and see our products, thus experiencing modular design at its best. Because the Indian consumer deserves more than mere pictures in a catalogue. Couple that belief with the invaluable insights we’ve gained by collaborating with people all over India. And you get kitchens that are tailored flawlessly to Indian cuisines, climates and sensibilities.
Satisfaction by design

Being the individualistic souls that they are, it’s rare that a point of design can be agreed upon by leading architects. That changes when speaking of CC India, however. Because CC India’s designs are executions find unanimous recommendation by architects of note.

There’s a learning odyssey behind each endorsement; we’ve taken along several architects to CC India’s design workshop and manufacturing unit In Italy! So what they’ve seen and approved is what you get!

Step into your home before it’s built
Veneta Cucine is the only brand in its product category with a presence in 11 boutiques across 9 cities. Each gives you an experience of your possible home with state-of-the-art facilities and sophisticated 3D presentations.
We fail to score high on complaints
CC India has installed over 25,000 Veneta Cucine Kitchens across the country. That’s about one lakh storage cabinets. Of which less than a hundred ever gave cause for complaint. That’s less than .1%. Which were responded to quickly, of course. Fail-safe never had a better definition.